We've told you in our first blog post after the big update that we're preparing something big, we were waiting for Apple to announce their new goods so we can give some of them to you folks. This giveaway is available for anyone who's registered on our website (it's free) the rules are as follows.



1.Be fair do not try to make fools from us

2.Anyone registered on our website can join this giveaway

3.You can not abuse any bots, spammers or any other kinds of those

4.It'll be a completely random choose with random.org, people with more tickets stand a bigger chance of winning

5.The giveaway is running from 16.09.2021 till 31.10.2021

Share and win!

Let's get to the basics of this giveaway now, every registered user can refer other users to register or use our website. How do I do that you may ask? It's simple, each user has their own username, you can see your username in /profile

As you can see up there, my username is matt, yours will be different, but this is the way how you can find out what's your username. Now, how do you actually start referring someone? It's simple. You, however, need to build a referral URL, more about that below.


Building a referral URL

Building a referral URL is simple, it consist from our URL, special code from us and your username. And example of built URL is here https://receivesmss.net/?g=II21G&username=matt as you can see, I've just put ‘matt’ after ‘username’. I can now send this URL to anyone, and if they register it'll count as +1 ticket for you.



Our ticketing system is pretty simple, each ticket gives you one entry into the giveaway, thus the more tickets the better. In detail, this means that user with 50 referred users will enter the giveaway 50 times, giving him 50 times bigger chance of winning.


Shipping and other costs

You do not pay anything for shipping, nor any other costs. It's a giveaway aren't we right?! However, there's one exception, you may need to pay for the shipping in case you're living in a part of a world, or country, where USPS can't or won't ship the goods to you.


How long is this giveaway running for?

The giveaway is running from 16.09.2021 till 31.10.2021. The winner will be announced within week after the giveaway is finished.


Other worthy notes

Anyone who will be found cheating, using unethical ways or botting will get no chance to win. Once this is identified by us, you'll automatically be disqualified, this contest is run by people, for people, so behave like that. The winner will be picked within one week after 31.10.2021 and contacted, please make sure the email on your account is the one you're using often, so that we have a way to eventually contact you!