Our brand new look


We've been working last few months on overall re-design and creation of new features, it wasn't easy, and there were many things we had to deal with, however, the outcome was definitely worth it!



We've changed multiple things, from the ones you can notice the most and we'll show you (design, functionality etc), but as well things that can't be seen unless you're one of our developers, don't worry though, we're going to discover some of those changes to you as well!


Design changes

First notable thing is our design, we've remade pretty much the whole website, to be more responsive, more friendly to the user eye, and most importantly more easier to navigate around. You can see some of the changes here, the first version is always old version, and the second is the new one that you're currently looking at.




Numbers within country overview


Messages itself


As you can see it really was an overall change of a design, it was designed with care and we hope you'll find it more ease to use from mobile phone and navigate within.


New features

We've also come up with several new features, we'll list only the one we thing are really worth your time.


User account

You can now register as a user on our website, whether you want to subscribe to our newsletter is also up to you. Why would I want to register you may ask? Registering onto our website comes with several features that normal users can't do, and will come with more features in the future, such as higher winning chances in our giveaways and stuff. Let's get to some of the most amazing features that registering include.


Premium numbers (For registered users)

As said earlier, registering comes with set of special features just for our registered members, one of it are premium numbers. Premium sounds like you may be paying for something right? Well you DO NOT pay for anything, in fact, it's totally free, but it's a bonus for users that like our website enough to register on it.

As you can see on the image above, there are several numbers within the United States that are REGISTERED ONLY which basically means they're premium numbers. Premium numbers will have less users, less stress and less messages on them, all of which is allowing you to have higher chance of receiving your sms faster and more reliably.


Saving messages & numbers

Another thing you can do as registered user is saving messages and numbers, first of all, we need to dive into how this work. Each message has its special has that we're calculating based off of the text, time and other stuff, that means when there are two messages with the same text in our message list, you'll see both of them as saved even though you saved only one of them. Don't worry, as it is not draining your free saving space, even ten messages with the same text will take up only one saving slot. We're experimenting with the save storage, however, as of now, you can save up to 15 numbers and 50 messages each 30 seconds.


Your profile

As a registered user you also have your own profile that you can access from within the user dropdown on the right. You can see your saved numbers and messages there and remove them with ease.


Those are the three features we think are worth the time mentioning here, as we aren't aiming to make this post days long to read. There are, however, more advantages than this. Now let's move onto features that are not related to registered users, and apply to anyone using our website.


Giveaways & banners

As our website is reaching awesome user base, we'll be making a giveaways from time to time, the prices will differ both in price, eligibility and other things. First people that'll get informed about our giveaways will be our newsletter subscribers, you're automatically subscribed to our newsletter once you register. We've also made a custom little banners that we'll be using to inform anyone on our website that something is happening, whether it's update, downtime or giveaways. The banners are always on home page and will look something like this

As said, giveaways will be organized randomly, so keep eyes on the homepage!


Messages Timeouts

We're still keeping up to the last one hundred messages, however, there are two huge changes. First change is that the messages are stored for up to a year, not day, that means if a number goes inactive it should still keep the message for at least half a year. The second change is that it won't take half an hour to receive a message anymore, it takes anywhere between one and ten minutes to get the message delivered to you.


Randomized From

We've decided that we'll be implementing a new feature which is randomizing the from column, we've decided to do this step to keep protected both you and companies, we've seen people sending Hello and other kind of messages to our number and exposing their own personal number to the whole world that way.


We think that's all we have to mention here, there are more and even bigger changes, however, we think it'll be best if you'd discover them yourself! :) Don't forget that you can contact us with your ideas, and more! :)